ArtistScope Web Reader Secure web reader for DRM and copy protected web sites.
Secure web browser for DRM and copy protect portals. ArtisBrowser FAQ 

Some questions which may need quick answers:

Is the ArtistScope web browser a real web browser?

The ArtistScope Web Browser includes all of the same functionality used to display web pages and web media with support for JavaScript and CSS. However functions used to copy, save and download media are limited to protect intellectual property that may be displayed on those pages. As of late 2015 normal browsers no longer support real plugins, that is, plugins that can interact at system level. Instead popular browsers now only support surface plugins based on JavaScript and HTML that will function on phones and other amusement devices. But the ArtistScope web browser still supports real plugins (NPAPI) so that third party plugins can be used for copy protection and other system level interaction.

Otherwise the reader's experience will be very similar to that of a normal browser and protected sites can be explored via their hyperlinks as normal.

Will the ArtistScope browser be a positive experience for my visitors?

We think that the ArtistScope browser is actually more streamlined and user-friendly than normal browsers which are looking more cumbersome in every new release. Why should computer users be limited to menus and options designed for less endowed mobile phones? 

The copy protection mechanisms in the ArtistScope browser are completely transparent and do not come into ply until visiting an ASPS protected web page. The experience for the user is less like an open browsing experience and more like using an application tailored for your content. In fact, our aim is that your visitors love the simplicity and ease of use of our browser and see the experience as a plus for your site.

What are the minimum requirements for ASPS?

The ASPS server side filter is available for both Windows and Apache servers.

What are the limitations of ASPS if any?

The ArtistScope web browser is available for all Windows versions from XP and later. No support for Mac OSX is planned. In fact all non-Windows OS are not suitable for copy protection at a the level that our clients demand. Sure, devices using other OS are most popular, but why consider publishing intellectual property for them when they cannot be protected. Those OS are also unstable and even if they can be copy protected and/or user identified, they are mostly too unstable to warrant anyone's investment in development and support.

How long does it take to get started with ASPS?

From the time of placing your order, your site can be protected within 24 hours.

Should I use a dedicated server or a hosted service?

To purchase the ASPS filter and have it installed on your server, you will need a dedicated or virtual server. Such servers can be rented for as little as $40/month from services such as GoDaddy. During installation we can configure the server and set up your site. However please discuss with our support team prior to purchasing a new service because in most cases the Control Panel systems that are on offer can mangle normal web services.

Since 2016 ArtistScope now provide the means to ASPS protect your normal web site. The ASPS Hosting Service mirrors your existing content, delivering it from an ASPS server via the ArtistScope web browser,. All or part of your existing site can be protected and the only preparation needed is to ensure that access is limited to the pages that you want to protect. But we have modules that can be installed that will do that for you (available for all popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc).

What preparation is needed to use ASPS on my server?

The ASPS filter is installed and configured for use on a nominated web site. Then which pages are protected is controlled by you. You can protect all pages or select pages/sections.All that is required is the addition of a single HTML tag to the top of the page, and the page and all page content will be automatically protected. When such a tag is added to the top of page, the ASPS filter will deliver its content fully encrypted so that only the ArtistScope web browser can display it. Web pages protected by ASPS cannot be displayed by any other web browser or application. They are most secure and when SSL is used they are also protected from packet-sniffing.

How does ASPS licensing work?

The ArtistScope web browser is a free download, however licensing for the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is per server or domain name, and based on the second level TLD. For example if your license is for artistscope.com, then it can also be used on www.artistscope.com, other.artistscope.com, another.artistscope.com and so on, as long as all sites are on the same server. If an additional server is used it will require an additional license. Otherwise each different domain name will require a separate license.

ASPS Protected Hosting can be rented on a monthly subscription basis per web site nominated for the mirror.

Can the ArtistScope web browser be branded with our company logo?

No. The ArtistScope web browser is provided as is and any changes to its name. logos or function is not recommended at all. Yes, many sham copy protection services offer customization but their applications are not secure and no consideration has been given to reputation where any application that can be effective for copy protection can be recognized as a security threat to a user's operating system. Wheres our applications do have reputation and are codesigned by world recognized authorities as proof of authenticity.

What language support is available?

Currently the installers and browser interface are available in many different languages.

How much does ASPS cost?

The ArtistScope web browser is a free download, however licensing for the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) or ASPS Protected Hosting can be quoted to suit your requirements. For an obligation free consultation and pricing, please use our email request form.


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